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Restoration Projects

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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
19120114-B GWA PMII Administration Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2019
19120114-A GWA PM1 Synthesis & Coordination Monitoring 2019
19120114 GWA Program Monitoring 2019
18170115 Genomic mechanisms that underlie lack of recovery Not Available 2018
18170113 Data Management Program Not Available 2018
18120114-O LTM Humpback Whale Predation Not Available 2018
18120114-N LTM Killer Whale Monitoring Not Available 2018
18120114-M LTM PWS Marine Bird Trends Not Available 2018
18120114-L LTM Seward Line Not Available 2018
18120114-J LTM Cook Inlet/Kachemak Bay Not Available 2018
18120114-I LTM GAK-1 Not Available 2018
18120114-H LTM Nearshore Not Available 2018
18120114-G LTM Oceanographic Conditions Not Available 2018
18120114-D LTM CPR Not Available 2018
18120114-C LTM Forage Fish Not Available 2018
18120114-B LTM Program Management II Not Available 2018
18120114 LTM Monitoring Not Available 2018
18120111-A HRM Program Coordination Not Available 2018
18120111 Herring Research and Monitoring Research 2018
17120111-A Herring Program – Program Coordination Research 2017
16120111 PWS Herring and Monitoring Program Research 2016
15120111 PWS Herring Research and Monitoring Program Research 2015
14120111 Herring Research and Monitoring Program Research 2014
13120111 Herring Research and Monitoring Program Research 2013
12120111-C PWS Herring Program - Data Management Support Research 2012
12120111-B PWS Herring Program - Tracking Seasonal Movements Research 2012
12120111-A PWS Herring Program - Validation of Acoustic Surveys Research 2012
12120111 PWS Herring Research and Monitoring Program Research 2012
10100750-A Nearshore Synthesis - Knight Island Sampling Amendment Research 2010
10100750 Evaluation of Recovery and Restoration of Injured Nearshore Resources Research 2010
080800 Cordova Center General Restoration 2008
060783 Information Synthesis and Recovery Research 2006
ES04 Contingent Valuation, Passive Use Damage Assessment 1992
ES07 Total Value of Natural Resources Damage Assessment 1991
ES07 Loss of Intrinsic Values Due to the EVOS Damage Assessment 1990
ES07 Loss of Intrinsic Values Damage Assessment 1989